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"For over 40 years, Kangnam Construction has been the leading precaster in South Korea. The Spancrete Slipformer is a quality product that helps us increase productivity."
- Kangnam Construction (South Korea)

Advancing Together.

Kangnam Construction is the leading precaster in South Korea. Since 1970 they have been serving the Seoul region, providing quality precast solutions for thousands of projects, specializing in housing and commercial markets.

For the past 40 years, they have used a Spancrete Slipformer to optimize their production efficiency, and it has been a durable machine. When they were looking to upgrade their equipment to take advantage of new technological efficiencies, they once again returned to Spancrete.

“We recently completed installation of a new Spancrete Slipformer at our facility,” said Daemook Kang, Kangnam Construction. “It is located on a new production line and we are enjoying the technology.”

Kangnam retrofitted their original machine to upgrade to our newest electrical equipment, and added on accessories and a new saw for cutting slabs. Using a Slipformer GT 120 they run 100 mm to 400 mm hollowcore. The new machine can produce up to 3,200,000 ft2 (300,000 m2) annually.

When running any type of construction facility, downtime results in reduced production and profits. One of the primary reasons Kangnam chose Spancrete was because of their confidence in a smooth installation process. From the time of purchase, the machine was delivered 14 weeks later, with installation and testing completed in only two weeks.

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