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Multi-Function Machine

Multi-Function Machine Multi-Function Machine

Automated Multi-Functional Machine - Saving Resources

The Spancrete Multi-Function Machine carries out different tasks, from cleaning the top surface of the casting bed and collecting waste, to pulling the strands on a clean casting bed, as well as oiling the bed just prior to production. It features 4-wheel drive for easy operation and the flexibility of pulling multiple strands in one pass for the full length of the bed, providing the ultimate in efficiency.

Additional side scrapers and brush attachments can aid in the cleanup and bed preparation process.

Dimensions (LxWxH)6.9 ft (4.735 m) x 5.7 ft (1.730 m) x 5.5 ft (1.665 m)
Weight9,920 lb (4,500 kg)
Power Supply240V/480V or a battery option